Maximize your profits from cryptocurrency while also managing risk.

the BitBull Fund of Hedge Funds

The blockchain is a revolutionary technology. It continues to create massive wealth for investors. 

BitBull’s mission is to offer our clients diversified, affordable and liquid exposure to the most profitable and disciplined professional cryptocurrency managers and their strategies. The Fund’s investors benefit from our access, diligence, and oversight. 

S&P 500 vs Bitcoin

An investment in the S&P 500 two years ago would be worth 23% more today, while the same investment in Bitcoin would be worth 1834% more.

S&P 500 vs Bitcoin

Crypto Funds vs Bitcoin

Actively managed strategies in cryptocurrency outperform even Bitcoin's returns (source: EurekaHedge).

BitBull vs Bitcoin

A Pro forma portfolio of BitBull Fund of Funds nearly doubled returns in 2017 vs Bitcoin while displaying less volatility.

Pro forma BitBull vs Bitcoin YTD