Optimize your profits from cryptocurrency while also managing risk.

The blockchain is a revolutionary technology. It continues to create significant wealth for investors. 

BitBull’s mission is to provide clarity and insight into the crypto markets and crypto asset investment. Our proprietary research and thought leadership have been recognized and published in the following outlets:

S&P 500 vs Bitcoin

An investment in the S&P 500 two years ago would be worth 23% more today, while the same investment in Bitcoin would be worth 1834% more.

S&P 500 vs Bitcoin

It should be noted that this comparison is between a single asset (Bitcoin) and an index of over 500 assets (S&P)
Crypto Funds vs Bitcoin

Some actively managed strategies in cryptocurrency have historically outperformed even Bitcoin's returns (source: EurekaHedge).

Eureka Hedge Crypto Hedge vs Bitcoin.png
Fund of Crypto Funds vs Bitcoin

Our research indicates that a basket of highly vetted hedge funds significantly outperformed Bitcoin in 2017

Bitcoin vs Average Performance of a Basket of Funds

Source: proprietary study by BitBull Capital comparing a basket of vetted funds to Bitcoin
Bitcoin Live Price

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