Our Team


Joe Headshot_Neutral.jpg

Joe DiPasquale



  • Experience in Equities Investment Management, Investment Banking, Venture Capital, and Venture-backed Tech Company CEO

  • Cryptocurrency Investor since 2013

  • Known as “Crypto Joe” for his YouTube channel, interviewing luminaries in crypto investing from his home in Silicon Valley.

  • BA at Harvard University and MBA at Stanford University

Sarah Headshot_Neutral.jpg

Sarah Bergstrand



  • Previously COO of Regroup, a venture-backed tech company

  • Held key roles at Hewlett Packard and Corporate Technologies

  • Expertise in diligence

Miko Headshot_Neutral.jpg

Miko Matsumura


Venture Partner

  • Founded crypto exchange Evercoin

  • Limited Partner with Pantera Capital

  • Invested in FileCoin, Brave, CIVIC, Propy and Lyft

  • 25 year operating executive in Silicon Valley

Constantin Headshot_Neutral.jpg

Constantin Kogan


  • 10+ years experience corporate leadership, technology and finance

  • fluent in 5 languages

  • holds a Phd in sociology

  • cryptocurrency investor since 2012

Paul Headshot_Neutral.jpg

Paul Herrera


VP of Data and Analytics

  • Experience in capital management for private and institutional investors
  • Founder of Avanti Financial Services
  • 5+ Years Experience as quantitative analyst and Python data scientist, with focus on cryptocurrencies
Jimmy Headshot_Neutral.jpg

James Rosario


Investment Consultant

  • Former Quality Assurance Engineer at Omgeo, LLC
  • Previously employed by Fidelity Investments supporting 401k and Pension benefits
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker
Michael Headshot_Neutral.jpg

Michael Jenkins


Fund Relations Manager

  • 7+ years experience in data aggregation, analysis and trending
  • Expertise in deep data analysis with abstracted data
  • Proficiency in regulatory due diligence and compliance
Jon Headshot v2.jpg

Jon Quinn


Investment Consultant

  • 20 year career in sales and consulting
  • Expertise in business development, specializing in technology
  • International work experience in 50+ countries

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